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You become a good Personal Trainer by listening to your customers and the correct training. That’s what made us big at BMFITT. BMFITT has since grown considerably and several Personal Trainers have joined. BMFITT’s work area is the whole of South Holland, and in particular Delft and surrounding municipalities.

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Paul Sosef

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In August 2018 I weighed 140 kg and I am 1.70 tall so I was getting into a bun
It limited my mobility enormously, I got problems with my knees, I started to avoid climbing stairs, had little energy left after work, could hardly fasten my shoelaces, putting on socks was also difficult.

It was time to shed some pounds, but I had already done that several times and each time after that I put on heavier than what I had been. At the campsite I came into contact with a guest who was on a low-carbohydrate diet and the kilos flew off. I have started following this. With a carbohydrate diet you do not eat potatoes, pasta and bread. Instead, more vegetable green food and a small piece of lean meat (chicken). In addition to the diet, I went swimming twice a week. Walking when the sun was shining, alcohol only on special occasions, no more sweets (I love peanuts), and no biscuits with tea and coffee. A year later I had lost 30 kilos.

I was terrified that I would revert to my old behavior so I decided to hire help. I ended up at BM Fitt, at Bas Mergler at the Industriestraat in Delft. I weighed 110 kg at the time but wanted to go back to double digits. I hired Bas to help me with that.

I found out that exercise is important, but that nutrition is the basis for gaining and maintaining weight properly. I started with an App. keep track of my nutrition. Bas allowed me to eat a maximum of 1850 calories on food and in the App. I kept track of this. With the App. could keep track of exactly how far I was. You could also see how many fats, proteins and carbohydrates you eat and the balance between them.

The low-carbohydrate diet was dropped. How delicious a potato can be after year!

I have adapted the way of preparing food, I used way too much olive oil and fats when preparing my piece of meat. I now fry my piece of chicken in a maximum of 10 grams of Croma and the rest of the moisture comes from the mushrooms. I started to eat more vegetables and several different vegetables and more green food. For lunch 2 sandwiches with lean fillings of chicken, ham or smoked meat. For breakfast an apple, a few tangerines, a kiwi and some yogurt.

In the meantime it has become clear to me that if you want to lose weight and maintain your weight, you have to organize your life differently. In addition to nutrition, you also need to exercise more. If you are not willing to change these 2 things you will fall back like a yo-yo into your old diet and exercise pattern. With all weight gain problems as a result.

With Bas’s help, I finally feel like I can control my weight. I no longer avoid stairs, I feel reborn, my knees feel good and I have a lot more energy to do fun things.

Thank you BMFitt
Paul Sosef