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You become a good Personal Trainer by listening to your customers and the correct training. That’s what made us big at BMFITT. BMFITT has since grown considerably and several Personal Trainers have joined. BMFITT’s work area is the whole of South Holland, and in particular Delft and surrounding municipalities.

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Jennifer van der Ven

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Bart is a Very good Personal Tainer! I’m very satisfied.
He is a well-trained trainer who knows what he is talking about. his focus is mainly on performing the exercises in the correct position so that injuries are prevented and the correct muscles are trained. I have an ankle injury that prevents me from performing certain exercises. However, this is not a problem, they are looking for a suitable exercise that I can perform with which I train the same muscle group. In addition, he gives good nutritional advice and periodically reviews your diet and tries to improve it together with you.
This trainer is highly recommended if you are looking for a trainer who knows what he is talking about and achieves good results!