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You become a good Personal Trainer by listening to your customers and the correct training. That’s what made us big at BMFITT. BMFITT has since grown considerably and several Personal Trainers have joined. BMFITT’s work area is the whole of South Holland, and in particular Delft and surrounding municipalities.

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Robert vd IJssel

Robert vd IJssel 1

Robert vd IJssel

Personal Trainer

phone: +31 6 45 40 24 70
lives in: Industriestraat 16, 2624 BB Delft
education: Diëtetiek
My name is Robert van den IJssel, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach.

In 2012 I decided to turn my passion for nutrition and sports into my profession and I started the dietetics course. After gaining (competition) experience in the following disciplines of fitness: bodybuilding, powerlifting and crossfit. And by obtaining several degrees I have decided to share this knowledge with others and help them to a healthier life. Helping people achieve their goals and working together towards a healthier lifestyle is what I love most about this profession.

I have always read research about nutrition and sports since I started exercising myself. Evidence-based working is the fastest and smartest way to achieve your goals.

Do you want to lose a few kilos before the summer. Do you need help with achieving certain strength and / or physical goals? Or do you just want to work together on a healthier lifestyle. And do you want to do this without having to leave everything. Then contact me.