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You become a good Personal Trainer by listening to your customers and the correct training. That’s what made us big at BMFITT. BMFITT has since grown considerably and several Personal Trainers have joined. BMFITT’s work area is the whole of South Holland, and in particular Delft and surrounding municipalities.

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Michella Guhnen

Michella Guhnen 1

Michella Guhnen

Personal Trainer

phone: +31 (0)6 45 40 24 70
lives in: Industriestraat 16, 2624 BB Delft

That’s how I became a Personal Trainer.

I started kickboxing at a young age, which I had a lot of fun with. Unfortunately, I stopped due to exercise-induced asthma. This did bring me to another great sport; fitness / strength sports. After discovering that there were many myths circulating about training / nutrition, I decided to follow Personal Training courses. I managed to achieve my personal goals and I thought it would be great to help others with this. It turned out to be my calling, what followed was competition experience and making my passion my profession. I now give full-time Personal Training with a big smile.

Exercise should above all be fun

Due to my energetic way of Personal Training and humor, clients experience training as a positive thing. No endless cardio sessions or blindly following all kinds of crazy diet trends you have read about. No longer reluctantly going to the gym, but working towards your goal with pleasure. I think it’s very important to have fun but also having fun! My goal is to make you stronger both mentally and physically, and to make sure that you keep going. You can work with me 1 on 1, but also in the form of a duo training in which you train with two people. For example, I have a mother / son, girlfriends, brother / sister and couple who receive duo training.

My specialties

Specialties: – Gaining / losing weight – Strength training – Technique training – Mental support / motivation – Drawing up training plans – Nutritional coaching

Whatever your goals, I can help you achieve them. Of course with scientifically based methods (= proven effective) and without having to set everything aside for it.

Do you want to achieve maximum results and leave the gym with a satisfied feeling and a smile? Then contact me today.

With sporty greetings,

Michella Gühnen