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You become a good Personal Trainer by listening to your customers and the correct training. That’s what made us big at BMFITT. BMFITT has since grown considerably and several Personal Trainers have joined. BMFITT’s work area is the whole of South Holland, and in particular Delft and surrounding municipalities.

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Reviews 1
I trained with Bart for 9 months and with this I have laid a good foundation to continue training independently. During training with Bart, I learned a lot about my posture. I → Lees meer

Leesa Redskies

Reviews 2
At the beginning of September, started a process with Bart to lose weight and get in better shape. Had a pleasant intake interview, in which Bart took plenty of time to go thr → Lees meer

Frank Rademaker

Reviews 3
Bart is a Very good Personal Tainer! I'm very satisfied. He is a well-trained trainer who knows what he is talking about. his focus is mainly on performing the exercises → Lees meer

Jennifer van der Ven

Reviews 4
8 months ago I started personal training from Bart. I had little experience with training and little knowledge of nutrition. What immediately became clear to me is that Bart k → Lees meer

Filip Breeman

Reviews 5
I came to Bart a few months ago because I wanted to lose some weight. Now I have been busy for about 3 months and have already lost quite a bit of weight (11.5 kg) and I also → Lees meer

Linda Aschman

Reviews 6
If you want a lifestyle change I can definitely recommend BMFITT! Bart and Lotte are good guides! With training they give clear tips and explain why you are doing a certain tr → Lees meer

Robert Dorland

Reviews 7
After 2 pregnancies it was really time to lose some kilos again. I didn't really know how to do this and I didn't dare to go to a gym. Felt 'too fat' for t → Lees meer

Ginny Piket

Reviews 8
If you've already tried multiple diets and you really don't want to give up any longer with a different diet, BMFITT is the place to be. You lose weight by exercisin → Lees meer

Anita Perlot

Reviews 9
Because Bart makes me aware of my habits and diet, I make healthier choices. During sports I am always challenged and corrected for my posture. And most importantly: I like it → Lees meer

Jannemieke Klootwijk

Reviews 10
In August 2018 I weighed 140 kg and I am 1.70 tall so I was getting into a bun It limited my mobility enormously, I got problems with my knees, I started to avoid climbing st → Lees meer

Paul Sosef